Monday, 15 June 2009

C'est Si Bon - It's So Good

Come kiddos, let's learn a French song before the next trip!
Let's ghgholll the arrrghghghs...........

The English Translation:

It's so good,
Just wandering around,
Arm in arm, arm in arm,
And Singing songs.
It's so good,
To whisper sweet words - ,
Little nothings,
But little nothing that can be
said again and again.

Seeing our love-struck expression
The passers-by in the street envy us.
It's so good,
To see shining in her eyes
A marvelous promise
That sendsa shivers up and down my spine.

The're so good
These little thrills
That are worth more than a million
It's so very, very good.

It's Good - Yes, It's good
The passers-by in the street -
Arm in arm, arm in arm -
Singing songs -
What a marvelous promise
Uummm - It's good.

I'm looking for a millionaire
With big Cadillac cars
Mink coats - jewels
As big as your fist - you know?

It's good
This little feeling -
Perhaps someone with a little yacht, no?

Aahhh it's good -
it's good - so good-
You know I'm waiting for
someone who can give me
plenty of loot.

Tonight? - Tomorrow?- Next Week?
Dosen't matter when.
Uummm - It's so good - so good
It will be very crazy, no?
It's very good!

Cheeky, haha


Kak Teh said...

zendra, will my french sound good with a sengau and a garau voice? That's what I sound like now.

Zendra said...

You poor dear .... but voila c'est bon, Kak Teh, the french r is natural to loghat utagha, you can voice-impersonate Eartha Kitt any time.

Kak Teh said...

Zendra, I must say it is good production. I should have done the same with my geneva trip with my sisters - must find time to do so.

I couldnt listen to the song though - must be something wrong with my speakers.

mekyam said...

kt, "a sengau and a garau" already built-in, i'd say c'est tellement parfait. ;D

neat presentation, zee!

but pas de sound, cherie. unless my speakers gone zonkers like kak teh's.

Zendra said...

Kak Teh et mekyam, so veghee sad mon cheries, you cannot listen to Eartha Kitt's rendition of the song. C'est la magnifique! Have you got your speakers on mute, by any chance?

Kak Teh said...

I listened oredi!C'est Si Bon, indeed!

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Zendra,

When r u leaving to France? Nak ikut...:).

Zendra said...

Ha,ha Ida nak ikut boleh, tapi bila tu tak tau lagi. Nak belajar cara pronounciation ikut lagu ni dulu... makan tahun juga gaknye :)

Jamil said...

great production zendra.. like to see more.

Saya... said...

laaa. i ingatkan music video, so i malas buka lagu french lama2...bila jamil cakap like to see more tu baru i tauuuu....amboi, how you make like that one ah? very clever la you!

Zendra said...

Jamil: Haha tq, but have to wait until you take me on your next trip OK?

Zendra said...

Saya: That's not just an old french song, it'a CLASSIC,.... haiiya! And sung by another classic, Eartha Kitt, once known as the voice with the perfect pitch.

But this vid any 6 year old can do lah. Use windows movie-maker and drag-drop the photos and music you like. With this project the tedious thing is to select the pics from the 1000+ that the kids took. Almost went juling!

Saya... said...

oh, i am not well acquainted with ze classics...only with ze rappers...but I watched La Vie en Rose...does that qualify? hehehe

Zendra said...

Saya, can also lah :)

zafi said...

aduhai... vintage lagu inih!!! sangat menarik...

Zendra said...

Zafi, vintage! That's the word. Just like yours truly hehe. Thanks for stopping by :)