Thursday, 11 June 2009

Sin and Salvation - For the Weight-Challenged

a.k.a Project LTHIN30 (Lose These Handles In 30 days)

Starting Vitals:
166 cm
71.6 kg
36.1 BF% (Wow I've dropped 2% since I last checked!!!)
43.9 %Hydration

Day 1 - 11th June 2009
Sin - Mee Goreng Mamak with Telor Mata and Teh Halia Kurang Manis
Salvation - 45 mins on StarTrac cross-trainer Level 1; Triceps 21 (not sure lbs or kilos) 3 sets - 8, 6, 4 reps; Spinal Rotation 30 lbs?kilos? 15 reps on each side; 20 mins on LifeFitness cross-trainer Hill-Plus Level 6; 5 mins cool-down; stretches

Day 2 - 12th June 2009
Sin - Last night's extra half-portion of big juicy lamb-chop
Salvation - home-video workout - Buns and Thighs by Kathy Smith - 4 mins warm-up; 16 mins step-aerobics; 10 mins squats, dips, one-legged squats; cool-down; 10 min floor-work for glutes, hamstrings, quads, inner-thighs; stretches.
This video always works for me after a long exercise hiatus - yesterday was so-so, level 1 is just strolling

Day 3 - 13th June 2009
Joy - 1.5 hrs Poco-poco with Ezan. 1st phase - 40 mins regular poco-poco; next phase - stretching lower body, then engaging more upper body dance movements (shoulders, arms, including belly), cha-cha steps; next phase - floor work - upper body stretches, pelvis, abs, legs, spinal twists; finish off with choreographed dances - this week: "Sway", Chinese Off-beat, "Made in India", Zapin
Reward - truly creamy mushroom soup (mmmmmm), cheesy mashed spuds, grilled salmon, brocolli

Day 4 - 14th June 2009 Sunday
Double Joy - No exercise: Recovery Day!

Day 5 - 15th June 2009 Monday
Double Joy - No exercise: Another Recovery Day! (from a hectic Sunday haha)

Day 6 - 16th June 2009
Sin - Nasi Goreng breakfast with ikan bilis and telor mata, leftover telor mata sandwich or lunch
Salvation - 20 mins on LifeFitness cross-trainer Fat-burning program Level 1; Lats Pulldown 30 3 sets 10 reps each, Pec flys 19, 3 sets - 10 reps each; Triceps 25 10 8 6; Spinal Rotation 30 lbs?kilos? 15 reps on each side; 45 mins on StarTrac cross-trainer Random Hill Level 2 4 6 - change every 15 mins; 5 mins cool-down; stretches

Day 7 - 17th June 2009
Alamak! A bit sore from yesterday evening's work-out. Good excuse to rest today. 4 days of exercise out of 7 - not bad to start.


Day 8 - 18th June 2009
Sin - Nasi Lemak dinner last night with sambal sotong, ikan bilis, kangkung celor and telor rebus
Salvation - 1.5 hrs poco-poco with Nah - begin with stretches, 40 mins regular poco-poco, practised "Made in India" - Nah's choreography (more challenging), Rock Around The Clock, and Chilli Cha-Cha. Dropped by the gym after lunch: 7 mins limbering up on StarTrac cross-trainer Random Hill program Level 1; Lats Pulldown 30 3 sets 10 reps each, Pec flys 19, 3 sets - 10 reps each; Triceps 20 10 10 10; Spinal Rotation 30 lbs?kilos? 15 reps on each side

* Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday - in Banda Acheh - maybe can't exercise, see how it goes

Day 9 - Friday 19th June 2009
Sin - Breakfast at Kak Nani's - burger and fried egg sandwich; On the plane - cheese and chicken sandwich; Lunch - gado-gado and popiah; Dinner - sea-food galore at Banda Sea-Food, avocado and choc shake(burrrp)
Salvation - 30 mins of poco-poco moves

Day 10 - Saturday 20th June 2009
Sin - Hotel buffet breakfast; Lunch - Acehnese table spread: rice with asam ke'eng, ayam tangkap, bayam bening, sambal ijo, rendang daging, avocado and choc shake; Dinner - rice with more asam ke'eng
Salvation - Shopping? Sightseeing?

Day 11 - Sunday 21st June 2009
Sin - Hotel buffet breakfast; Lunch - Acehnese Kenduri Kahwin: rice with rendang daging, sambal kentang, sayur capcai, ayam masak merah, bubur lambuk, air tebu; Ngopi: Kopi Ulee Kareng, pisang goreng salut keju (mmmmmm); Dinner - Nasi Padang at Sari Bunda: rendang minang (daging), otak lembu masak lemak, ayam tangkap, asam ke'eng, kacang pindang, avocado and choc shake;
Salvation - morning: cycle 20 mins, chest press 2x15 reps, leg press 2x15 reps

Day 12 - Monday 22 June 2009
Sin - Breakfast at Restoran Inti: Nasi Gurih, Ayam Tangkap, tempeh goreng, pelbagai sambal, kopi Ulee Kareng; Lunch on the plane - Tuna sandwich, Nescafe; Tea-time at Dengkil R&R: Sate Kajang Hj Samuri 6 sticks ayam, daging, perut plus nasi impit, teh tarik; Dinner - Sop kambing and mee rebus (half n half)
Salvation - Grocery Shopping?

Day 13 - Tuesday 23rd June 2009
Sin - Lunch - Curry laksa with chicken, cockles, fish-paste, and tofu-wraps
Salvation - None: didn't want to unbalance my re-aligned joints after Thai massage!

* Didn't dare to weigh myself!


Kak Teh said...

Tak baiklah you ni - pagi2 i dah baca mee goreng mamak! and i still refused to budge from my bed - am hibernating.

Zendra said...

Hibernate, Kak Teh? How more luxurious can that get? But get up, get up it's a brilliant day out there in London - unlike here: we've been enveloped in jerebu since morning. El Nino, they say...

Anonymous said...

El Nino, El Nina..El Bullocks...hehe

Alah, I baru buat cupcakes plus topping at 11 pm tau....sedap giler...dah marinate dagingm esok nak buat kebab, potato gratin, couscous salad with crumbled feta cheese...and nasi with chickpeas...burpppppppppp.

Why la kill yourself. See, we're all gonna die anyway...just eat like Rasullulah said...tak sampai kenyang (I have yet to master that) and bangun malam solat banyak2, posa alternate days (those pun too belum master) and walk a your body lah, what ever shape..we're not going modelling are we? ahahah...

SAYA yang menurut perintah

Anonymous said...

btw, cut out all the whites...sugar, roti putih, nasi putih, refined carbs...easy will see difrence

SAYA yang montel

Zendra said...

Eh AWAK rupanye, amboi sedapnya makanan untuk besok. Ada special occasion ke? I'm rocking to your second OUD apa jadah tu, that'll take away some calories - had lamb chops for dinner tonite. Makan sampai kenyang sgt sbb hubby n i shared an extra portion.

I love me body too, that's why I don't bother with mirrors. Those are for people with issues, kan?

Anyway my project just another challenge for me, sronok2 report kat blog - takde keje hahaha.

Adoii nak jugak ikut Rasulullah, spirit memang willing, tapi flesh ni buat hal.

aj said...

uyh ... maut auntieZ ... ayub pun tak cemni ... XD

Zendra said...

Eh tak masuk tido lg ke Yub?

Apa yg maut tu? Auntie makan lamb chop ke? Thnx for the concern. Besok kena double kat cross-trainer tu hahahaha!

mekyam said...

kak teh tu nyorok fr pollen, zee. kesian dia!

btw, sambil i baca u buat x-training drill tuh i picture u as in yr avatar. :D

msia tiap2 tahun sekarang jerebu, ek?

Zendra said...

Ooops Kak Teh kena hay-fever? Sorry for being brash earlier ye Kak Teh. Balik sini pun jerebu. Now they are talking about water-rationing pulak.

Mekyam, I don't quite look like that lady .... yet! Still roly-poly, where it matters, hehe