Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The Deflowering (To be read with the previous entry)


Ten interesting facts about myself, on whose lap an award has now landed.

Oh my, this is such a walk in the park because I am as uninteresting as they come. So here are the boring details:
  1. I am a wife, a daughter, a mother of five and a sister to eight - my position being smack in the middle between two elder brothers, two elder sisters, two younger brothers and two younger sisters.
  2. I am at the best age to be i.e. 55 years - retired from a lack-lustre career, free from the ups and downs of hormonal fluctuations, not too bogged down by the demands of a family, and still have the energy to indulge in my favourite pastimes.
  3. My physique is similar to that of Madonna's .....hahahahahaha...... just wishful thinking. I am tall for a Malay woman... and a Malay man even, at 5 feet 6 inches or 166 cms bare-footed. This is very useful especially in a crowded lift or LRT where I am able to breathe air quite easily, and not someone else's stinky deodorant.
  4. My friend Nah, formerly a HR counselor, analysed me as being a shy "one-liner" person, on first viewing that is, and my hidden charm and warmth are only discoverable by a discerning few. Waah! Like an unpolished diamond. Hanya jauhari yang mengenal manikam.
  5. Nah is also one of my poco-poco teachers, the other being S.Ezan. Attending 1.5 hour poco-poco classes twice a week is something I enjoy tremendously, which helps somewhat in the keep-fit department. Occasionally I tag-along with the mak-datins to their all-ladies functions where we let off steam poco-pocoing to our hearts content. There's one coming up on the 24th of July - anyone interested?
  6. I enjoy gym work-outs too, but I can't seem to shift this body-fat percentage of 38% any lower. Darn! But WTH, a gurl has got to have some fat, otherwise a hunk she'd be. Nobody loves a she-hunk, owh nowh!
  7. As a consolation (to me at least), my body-mass index stands at 25.8 which is just slightly overweight..... on account of my dense bones......... Really, no joke......... hehe
  8. OK, OK I love to eat too. Chocolates, burgers, kebabs, steaks, lamb-chops, roast lamb, sea-food, rice, noodles, pasta, pies, fries, chips, nuts, keropok, kerepek, bread, cheese, milk, cereal, jagung, pisang goreng, keledek goreng, keladi goreng....... you name it - except cakes, and kuih-kuih. So that quite easily explains the 38%.
  9. I love travelling to foreign countries as well, especially on holidays with my family. Rather than sightseeing, I am more inclined towards people-watching, listening to their mother-tongue being spoken, and I would likely try to speak a few phrases myself.
  10. And finally (phew), there is a salasilah in mum's family, the authenticity of which I cannot attest, which indicates a Bugis ancestry from the line of the infamous plundering brothers, whilst father's side is mainly Malay as suggested by his stocky build and slightly heavy moustache. We have tall genes in our clan; many of our males hover at six-feet, and are athletes (at least at school). I cannot guess where these genes come from.

Anyway, tahdaaah! Sudah ditebuk.


mamasita said...

My my Zendra..now I know you more..you're a very lively, adorable funny,interesting, delightful and exciting person! I bet you're like Madonna too..tua tapi very oomph!
And sexy..Ahhemmm!!

mekyam said...

weh zee,

amboi... j'ai entendu dire que tu étais dans les alpes françaises.

c'est vrai?

grenoble? chamonix? ou où?

bestnye, to be lady of leisure with duit bertambun. :D

i'm sad pasal takleh vacay this yr. pas d'argent. {sigh}

Zendra said...

mamasita - how I wish I am more like the person you described... Waaah actually you just described YOURSELF lah - tua tapi ooomph hahahaha

sexy? tu kene tanye abang aji lah...

Zendra said...

yowzee mekyam, mu ni brape bahasa mu ni bleh kecek ha? Jerman lah, perancis lah, kelate lah, mandarin lah, nuyork lah... mmmm jawa tau tak?

Nous sommes allés à Paris et à Grenoble. Les Alpes sont beaux même en été.

Kalau french ni tak betul, pasal minta tolong babelfish translate, hehe

Sebenonye mmg bajet yg amat kat france sbb dah terbeli tiket promosi Mas Oktober 2008. Tinggal kat bajet hotel, makan sandwich sokmo, beli souvenir sikit2 je.

Kesian you all, mmg yanks noticeably kurang in Paris.

DrSam said...

couldn't agree more with madam mamasita, an invigorating persona you are ma'am.

Have a great day and a wonderful life ahead.

mekyam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mekyam said...

zee, too much sauce in yr writing to make yr claim of uninterestingness hold. :b

i broke into french parce que tu m'a indiqué l'intérête pour les langues étrangères. since u've just returned fr france, i thought you might get a kick deciphering it due to the familiarity. also there are enough english cognates in french for meanings to be guessable. it also happens to be my favorite foreign language. [incidently, i don't think of english as a foreign language].

language happens to be my passion as well as my periuk nasi. in the circle i hang, we take every opportunity to code-switch. it gives our synapses a workout.

i always say i spk french for love, german for lust, malay for livelihood, and whatever else for the heck of it. unfortunately, mandarin isn't part of my drill. i think i only know some 10 words. :D

here's a bit more french for u to play with...

bien sûr les alpes sont toujours beaux. en fait, depuis nov 08 mon mari et moi avion déjà été deux fois au Tyrol. mais hélas, pas pour vancances. mes beaux parents sont indisposé.

p.s. yankland, in the meanwhile, is deluged with europeans. :D

Zendra said...

Oui, oui mekyam I like to listen to foreign languages. Wherever I travel, I often wish I could speak the local lingo. And you do intrigue me lah, you must be a genius to master all those languages - I am imagining you and h starting with french and then breaking into german as the mood changes from friskiness to lustiness HAHAHAHAHA oh dear, mekyam sorry arr?

Does h speak malay by the way?

And here's that last piece of translation homework
"of course the Alps are always beautiful. in fact, since Nov. 08 my husband and me already flew twice to the Tyrol. but alas, not for vacation. my beautiful parents are indisposed."

So very sorry to hear about your beautiful parents. I hope the wonderfully fresh mountain air is helping to ease any discomfort for them.

Zendra said...

DrSam thanks, and you have a great one too.

Kama said...

dah ditebuk!!

From the Tupai

mekyam said...


hehehe! sorry to rein in yr wild imaginings, but when i say...

french for love - it's for love of the language; german for lust - it's the momtongue of my hub [he has a modest malay vocab of ~20 words btw - man's talents lie elsewhere]; and malay for livelihood - it's because being proficient in my own native tongue is salient to my current profession.

yr "master all those languages" is giving me waaaay too much credit lah yang. i'm just proficient in a couple and have a working knowledge in a couple more. nothing to write home abt.

an A for yr fr homework! only one thing off. [wow, babelfish is that good?]

"beaux parents" = parents-in-law. mine have passed on (too early for dad & much too soon for mom).

Zendra said...

Mekyam, malay for livelihood, in the big apple? Do you like translate for the cia? fbi? un? Should I call you Matahari instead? :-D

BTW your h's 20 word malay vocab is 18 more than my belgian bro-in-law's - words unmentionable on my respectable blog, haha.

And Tq for the french lesson - beaux parents = parents-in-law. Does it mean your beau's parents or do the french really call their parents-in-law "beautiful parents"?. If the latter, then i see why they say french is a romantic language. Nak belajar lah.