Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Objets du Désir

It's amazing when we think of the many objects that people collect simply out of a desire for owning them, whether rational or not.

There are branded fountain pens, branded notebooks, branded bicycles, old VW's, knives, cats, kittens, caps (french or otherwise), LP's, sewing machines and what have you, even boats and cars. There's a filthy-rich dato' around here who owns about 100 fancy cars (but only 1 wife, so he says) - 100 cars!

My objects of desire used to be unattainable hot-blooded male movie characters like Simon Templar or Ilya Kuryakin. That was many decades ago off course, before I went ga-ga over a skinny, pennniless student who scattered a gang of teenaged skinheads with some cool silat langkahs and strikes. Then he became my bodyguard and have remained so ever since.

Well, well.... but what do people do with all those items that they lovingly fondle and murmur sweet nothings to everyday? Come a fancier newer model, and they'd readily search out the best bargains simply out of the excitement of owning one. "Ini investment lah yang", justifying to the resigned used-to-be desirous one.

Or it might not be a newer model even - collectors have been known to compete for used but prestigious models too. A used Bufori, Harley? Golf sets, yachts, catamarans?

And speaking of boats, how about boat-lovers out there adopting these two vessels that came aground during the Aceh Tsunami? They can no longer sail.

This one's turning to rust (picture courtesy of ranjini)

and this one atop a house is decaying.

They can no longer sail, but are monuments nevertheless, screaming for tender, loving care. Don't our hearts bleed for those who were in their path on that life-defining day?


Saya... said...

err..not to be insensitive to the tsunami victims...

Ade ker org buat koleksi caps the french kind? Nak buat water ballons ker?


mamasita said...

I wonder whether those monuments are filled with all the negative energy and spookiness at night..afterall sakibaki tsunami right..

Nevertheless a reminder to all of us of nature's wrath!And that life is so fragile..

Zendra said...

Zey are called berets darghhling... hehe. And zey are worn for ze protection against ces petit's sensations in case of ze rain, no?

And we french take offense about misuse of our caps OK? hahahaha

Yelah Saya, after 5 years still rasa sebak bila tengok devastation tsunami tu.

Zendra said...

mamasita, our friend said no such things lah. And I slept peacefully alone in the hotel room (hubby joined later), no gangguan.

Have u heard of the July 22nd tsunami prediction in the Pacific Ocean? I got an e-mail about that.

mamasita said...

I've not..could you please 4ward that email to me if its not proper to place it in your comment box..but true or otherwise its good for everyone to be in the know kan?
Thanks Zendra..

Zendra said...

mamasita, this a link to where the prediction started

Just a mere mortal's theory. So take it with a VERY BIG pinch of salt. We don't want the whole east coast heading for the highlands and Klang valley hehe

Naz said...

Hi Zendra,
One collects this, one collects the end, you can't take it with you jugak kan?
my only preoccupation...old photos, documents and things like that.

will check out that link

take care! :)

Zendra said...

Hello Naz, nice to have you here.

Absolutely, no way they can bring their beloved collection with them. But my sister's take is, let him collect whatever yang tak bernyawalah. She's got a point there...

Cya around!

mekyam said...

betul kata your sister tu! :D

best thing to collect of course is the goodwill of your fellowbeings.

p.s. are those pix of landed boats in acheh?

Zendra said...

All of us should think like you do, then there will be that situation wished for by every Miss Universe-hopeful - WORLD PEACE! hahaha

Yes the said boats are indeed in Banda Aceh itself! Sedih I tell you...

Jeffrey Matisa said...

Dear Zendra

So here are more promises not kept. The larger ship which in this pic definitely looks oxidised, was actually an electricity supply ship, anchored offshore Banda Acheh just before the tsunami swept the district.

It got plonked in the middle of the city, and in my few weeks there, people swarmed in and out of the ship, I know not whether from fascination or curiosity. The government said they would not touch the ship and preserve it as a reminder of this great national tragedy and world disaster.

As for the boat, such were common sights, and I believe that your pic is recent compared to my memories of Acheh. The poeple of Acheh scavenged through everything, to beat what metal they could out of the damage for recycling or resemelting. I watched them in the streets, diligently hammering away, seated before piles of twisted metal that threatened to consume the remainder of their natural lives in the accomplishment of so perpetual a mission.

Autonomy has been given. I trust there are other priorities now.

Zendra said...

Jeffrey, you are right, there are other priorities such as housing and infrastructure development. But still it is sad to see a symbolic monument such as the power station unpreserved.