Monday, 8 June 2009

The Deflowering of a Cyber Virgin

named Zendra. Yup, I'm still a virgin in blogland according to the mighty Kama (the tear-away) At-Tarawis. Check it out here (right-click and open new tab, please).

There's this thing called a "tag" which is dished out to the unsuspecting uninitiated to which he or she must respond to, to earn a pingat kecemerlangan. Which is not unlike the AMN, or for the men, a JSM - only that in this context they stand for "Ahli Makcik Ngomelan" and "Jolly Sexy Male" respectively!

Though it's nice to still be a sweet and innocent virgin, all good things must someday end; IT SHALL BE TODAY!

Here's the deal:
I must write / state / present

1. Five interesting facts about the person who gives me this award.
2. Ten interesting facts about myself, on whose lap the award has now landed.
3. Choose the next victims.. eh.. recipients, and get my own back (it's payback time!)

This tearing of my maidenhood should be fun. Let me do it the way I used to when I had to tackle exam questions - do the easiest first. Here goes.........

My Chosen Recipients

1. First and foremost, the jolliest of them all who gave me my 1000th hit CAPTAIN LIGHTHOUSE - Pirate of Kapas Island who recently celebrated his ??th birthday!!! Yaaa!!!

2. Sista MAMASITA MAMAMIA one of the very first who dropped an encouraging comment here, egging me to press on in this time-encroaching activity. She almost shares a birthday with Captain Gemini above.

3. Sista of many monikers - the fearless AN-NIMR aka MALAYSIAN TIGRESS aka SAYA aka ME, MYSELF AND I. Sock it to us, Sista.

4. DR SAM - self-professed kiddo with a following of tsunamic proportions. Being both left-brain and right-brain orientated, we have in Dr Sam a scientist and a poet in one.

5. and introducing ROSE.SINI.MY - mum of my watch-dog, aj!

Five interesting facts about the person who gives you this award - Kama At-Tarawis

1. What more is there to say other than she is the creme de la creme of the Malaysian social blog-scene,based in Malaysia I might add (lest I annoy bloggers from the other side). She is on the roll of almost all outstanding Malaysian blogs that I have visited, and I am very truly honoured that she had tagged me.

2. Kama was one of the first that I had joloked for a comment when I tentatively started cut-n-paste blogging, and my weird blog-name must have piqued her curiosity enough to drop by and throw me one. Thanks Kama. That gesture spoke volumes of your friendliness and encouraging nature.

3. I read with much interest of her spunkiness in getting herself married and de-married at a young age, of taking on the challenges of single-motherhood, and then taking the plunge again at a time when for most of us, romance is but a memory. Kama is one courageous and adventurous person.

4. It is most likely that Kama and I share the same top-to-bottom silhouette. I am also 5 feet 6 inches tall, wear undainty size 9 (Malaysian) feet apparel, and is curvy in a non-voluptious way. However I do not sing like she does, but can only croak and I think I am talking more about myself now and should re-use this point in the next section.

5. (Phew!!!) Kama has blue-blood of the Perak line.

Ten interesting facts about myself, on whose lap the award has now landed.
(To be continued in my next entry)


Saya... said...

den tak reti ler....

mamasita said...

Zendra..gambar lady dalam gym attire kat your blogroll? Mula2 I ingat it was you! You sounded so young! hehe

Ok..Pi Bani pun dah hulurkan the same award tapi I tak boleh terima dearie..I am just a failure many2 times and such an award will do a lot of injustice to so many other wonderful and more admirable bloggers!
Its too big a trophy for me to carry..but thank you so much for saying all the sweet reasons why you pick me..I am so honoured but I do not deserve it..there are so many more out there dearie..

Maybe lain kali..and I really really treasure your beautiful friendship!
You're the 'new kid on the block'!
A fantastic blogger with all the delicious postings to savour! Sedaap!!

Zendra said...

Eh Saya, macam virgin je bunyi?

Zendra said...

mamasita, 55 is my chronological age maa! Biological-wise, I'm about 25 kakakaka. Adoi bilalah nak sedar diri ni.

Actually sista kenape you modest sangat ni? Dah dua orang nominate, that's proof enough of your standing in our eyes sayang. Apa lagi tibai jelah. After all suka-suka je what?

Neways takde paksaan dlm agama, what more this dunia thing kan?

I treasure you too....
F.R.A.N.C.E. - Friendship remains and never can end... (haha ingat tak?)

mekyam said...

hi zee & tin sak,

i'm with u abt age, my newly deflowered sistah!

there's chronological age, there's biological age, there's mental age, and then there's attitudinal age.

i often matrix people i find interesting with those quadrants. the internet, esp blogs and other interactive portals, with their wealth of outpourings, guarded or otherwise, provides a wealth of samples.

the exercise has been fascinating to say the least. particularly the possibilities of inferences and the insights it provides. more abt myself than abt those i train it on, come to think abt it. :D

try it sometime, zee. it can be as absorbing as playing chess or a wordgame online with yourself.

don't forget to list the criteria for rating each quadrant. maybe we can compare notes someday. ;D

p.s. tin sak, u probably know this already. but there's an interesting read abt age and aging by mm lee of spore [one of my heroes in the region btw, right up there with dr m] in tok sak's latest entry that shd be read by everyone. :D

DrSam said...

Oh no....I am in the Wanted list again. But Ganu people with so much optimism as usual, 'mujo ambe kena tag je, kalau kena pok kat pale biul selalu ah' Thank you ma'am, though I am not a virgin anymore :)

Zendra said...

Interesting, mekyam, about the age profiling. Is there a web-site I can visit for this? You suggested that I should think out for myself the criteria for each quadrant? Wow that would surely re-wire some old synapses or whatever up there and destroy some grey matter in the process, too. Oh no, not another assignment, thank you! :-D

Yes, MMLee, the architect of modern Singapore - true what he said about ageing (who am I to argue anyway?) - good genes are a plus but it's always a healthy body that begets an active healthy mind and spirit that enjoys long quality living.

To me it's not about how long we live, but how well we have lived it in terms of our relationships with the Almighty, our family, and the masyarakat in general. In my own case, sad to say the journey is still far .... but time??? short? long? (sigh)

Zendra said...

Hahaha DrSam, sape pulok nok pok kat pale Doc? Takat buat tag je tak payoh pakai pale kalau Doc. Lainlah kalau saya ni... wiring pun dah lama, silap silap short circuit.

Sure I could tell you're no longer a virgin, alahai that was why I jolok you also! hehehe

mekyam said...


the age profiling is fr own nogging, not fr any website (tho i dare say there must be similar stuffs lying around out there - this is not such a eureka thang that i'd be the only one to see it).

with me, it's a habit leftover fr when i was in corporate. coming up with workable models fr disparate data was second nature then. :D

i too have discarded power kebayas early. in fact, early enough for it to be by choice/design.

re lky thots, agree that it's not abt how long we live but the quality of our life. hence, more the reason to make sure not to be just bits of baggage in case blessed with long life, kan? :D

p.s. doc sam, reading u, i don't think u'd have any problem cobbling a great acceptance "speech". :D

mekyam said...

noggin* that is. :D

Zendra said...

mekyam, noggin - gotcha. Rather yours than mine though - do one up (age profiling thingy) for us malaysians please ?-)